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Read this list carefully:

  • A love of photography
  • A delight in crazy storms, wild weather, and/or tornadoes
  • A fascination in people named Mitch
  • Deep sentiment for Ansel Adams
  • A wild obsession with the grayscale

If you possess any of these things, you simply must read on and do as I advise.

Mitch Dobrowner Storm

This is a picture taken by Mitch… Mitch Dobrowner. He’s a photographer who recently traveled with a renowned extreme weather/tornado chaser. He was also greatly inspired by Ansel Adams, one of the most famous and talented photographers who ever lived and who is often considered one of the pioneers in photography as an art form. The pictures that resulted from Dobrowner’s weathery excursion are awe inspiring to say the very least.

Here’s my advice… Click the link below. It’s a link to a google image search for Mitch Dobrowner’s storm photography.

Trust me. Click it.

Rach on!


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I feel like it would be remiss of me if I were to not post about my recent excursion to the beautiful country of Ireland.

The Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher was just one of the many spectacular places we visited

The trip was actually a chorale tour with Lancaster Bible College. We had the opportunity to do four concerts in a span of eight days.

I’m not even sure where to begin describing what happened on this trip… It was incredible, to say the very least. Many people have asked me over the past several days what my favorite part or parts were. I guess I can try to muster an answer here.

1. The concerts

The concerts were a huge highlight of the trip. All of the music we sung was from either North or South America. We sang spirituals, Argentinian cowboy music, Brazilian tribal, folk, and much more. Not every song we sang was a Christian song, per say, but the ones that were, we really focused on as our presentation of the gospel message. Especially our ending piece of every concert, In Christ Alone. Our performances all went exceptionally well, but what I loved most about our concerts were the people who came to see us. I loved all the opportunities to talk to the audience members we got after every concert. It was such a blessing to have that chance to invest in the people of Ireland in that way.

2. The friends

Through the trip, so many friendships were made and so many others were strengthened. We experienced so much together and so many things happened that really brought us all together. There was lots of fun, lots of jokes, lots of challenges, lots of praying for each other… I couldn’t have asked for a better group to travel with.

3. The places



As much as I wish I could, I can’t tell you everything about all the places we visited. We toured castles, cathedrals, ancient monastic settlements, 19th century mansions, an abbey… The list goes on. My favorite place was probably Clonmacnoise, the aforesaid ancient monastic settlement. The whole time we were there it was foggy and raining lightly. It was so serene. I couldn’t stop thinking of the 1,000+ years of people worshiping the same God I do in that one place, and that in turn prompted me to praise Him for His steadfastness.

Well there you have it. Those were my favorite things from Ireland. I would highly recommend you make a trip over there some time. It is well worth it.

Rach on!

P.S. For a more detailed account of our experiences in Ireland, check out the blog that was kept during the trip…

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