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This post serves solely as a reminder for you and for me. Consider the things you need to get done and the time you have to do it. Don’t waste time, as it will affect your own desires and abilities to get things done. If you’re anything like me, you love to procrastinate and justify that procrastination as a normal thing and that you’ll get done what you need to get done eventually. However, getting things done right away is self-fulfilling and eliminates the danger of finding out that any given task will take much longer than you expected.

I urge you to consider the things that you have to get done for the day and get working on them. Free time is much more satisfying without the underlying pressure of neglected responsibilities. Granted, sometimes we do need a break when we’re trying to get something done. I am all for that, but I do warn against letting that get out of hand. While taking a break is distinctly different from procrastinating, it is easy to blur that line and take a much longer break than needed; to pass off our procrastination as “taking a break”. Don’t fall into that trap.

If you’re one of those people like me who are bad at time management, do something about it. Don’t use the excuse that that’s simply how you are. Getting things done is worth it. You will thank yourself later.

Rach on!


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