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Hello. Today, I am writing to you about a topic that is very near and dear to my heart. Owls. Owls are nice, owls are neat. You like owls. You wouldn’t believe how many owls there are in the world. Like there are so many owls in the world like you wouldn’t even know. That’s a lot of owls. Owls are big. I once saw an owl that was eating a car. It was bigger than a tree. The car wasn’t bigger than a tree, but the owl was. Lots of owls are that big. But you wouldn’t know that because they’re invisible. That’s why I’m telling you about it. How did I see the owl eating a car? His invisible maker was broken and once he was finished eating I asked him about owls and he told me that there are lots of giant owls. If your car mysteriously disappears it might be because a giant owl ate it. Or maybe someone stole it. If your car mysteriously disappears, you should call the police.

I like owls. I hope you do to. Owls are lots of fun and some of then are really big. That’s why there are lots of owls.

Rach on!


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