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Read this list carefully:

  • A love of photography
  • A delight in crazy storms, wild weather, and/or tornadoes
  • A fascination in people named Mitch
  • Deep sentiment for Ansel Adams
  • A wild obsession with the grayscale

If you possess any of these things, you simply must read on and do as I advise.

Mitch Dobrowner Storm

This is a picture taken by Mitch… Mitch Dobrowner. He’s a photographer who recently traveled with a renowned extreme weather/tornado chaser. He was also greatly inspired by Ansel Adams, one of the most famous and talented photographers who ever lived and who is often considered one of the pioneers in photography as an art form. The pictures that resulted from Dobrowner’s weathery excursion are awe inspiring to say the very least.

Here’s my advice… Click the link below. It’s a link to a google image search for Mitch Dobrowner’s storm photography.

Trust me. Click it.

Rach on!


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