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I’m feeling very thoughtful and short on words at the moment. A good recipe for blogging as apparently the younger generations don’t like to read, but they do like deep things. Here are some of my thoughts for today.
  • Putting others before yourself is highly rewarding
  • Spending at the very least a short amount of time every day to be alone, unwind, and talk to God in whatever way you do best is crucial to living well, and maintaining a low stress level
  • Laziness leads to frustration and eventually self-contempt
  • Shallow conversations lead to shallow relationships

As I have no more words to say, I leave you with a short message from my dear friend Yoda.

Rach on!


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1. Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars… Dang.

2. I really like Lil Wayne’s rapping. He’s got a unique voice that he doesn’t have to do crazy over-dubbing and postprocessing to in order to be recognized (ahem, Eminem), and his writing is really good. It’s poetical, has great imagery, and he has a really fascinating and ringing tone to the words and rhymes he crafts. Alas, it’s too bad most of his songs are filthy, lyrically.

3. I found the lyrical content of this song very thought provoking.

4. I apologize if you are offended by the obscenity.

5. I’d like to hear what y’all think of this song.

Rach on!

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