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Now for me to continue and finish my short, two-part series on rap.

As a Christian, I have a hard time listening to a lot of what’s out there as far as the rap/hip-hop music scene goes. Musically, there’s a lot of good stuff out there, but even if the music is good, I simply do not enjoy listening to a song about sex, or a song that completely objectifies women. Solution? Christian rap. Even as Christian music as a whole is still recovering from 90’s and 00’s CCM, Christian rap is making a name for itself, not only because the music itself is good, but also because the lyrics are down to earth, and understandable to Christians and non-Christians alike.

In order to prevent myself from biased generalization, please understand that no genre can be fully described as a whole. Not all Christian rap is as I just described it; there is a whole lot of Christian rap with terribly composed music and painfully unrelatable lyrics. But I’d like to introduce you to two artists who do indeed fit well into my claim that I made above.

These artists are Lecrae and Trip Lee. Many of you may know about them already. They have both been making music for a long time that has always been up to date, relevant to culture, and convicting. Check out these songs by them.


Disclaimer: By the phrase “I’m good” he’s not referring to his own character, but rather the term meaning that he’s okay, or he’s doing fine.

I’d highly recommend checking out their other music. There’s lots of it. Plus, if you have any other Christian rap artists that you really like, post their name in the comments, I’d really like recommendations. And if you have any particular thoughts on either of these songs, feel free to voice them.

Rach on!


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1. Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars… Dang.

2. I really like Lil Wayne’s rapping. He’s got a unique voice that he doesn’t have to do crazy over-dubbing and postprocessing to in order to be recognized (ahem, Eminem), and his writing is really good. It’s poetical, has great imagery, and he has a really fascinating and ringing tone to the words and rhymes he crafts. Alas, it’s too bad most of his songs are filthy, lyrically.

3. I found the lyrical content of this song very thought provoking.

4. I apologize if you are offended by the obscenity.

5. I’d like to hear what y’all think of this song.

Rach on!

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I feel like I should give voice to one of my favorite types of music… Ambient.

Ambient music is mostly, if not completely electronic. Think of it as sort of a chill techno, although not all of it can be described that way. As with all types of music, there is much variation within the genre. I don’t know why, but I find this music very stimulating to the synapses of my brain. It puts me in a very contemplative mood. It is often harmonically driven, rather than melodically, which makes it perfect for certain things such as relaxing and clearing the mind of stressful things. It moves, yet it does not distract. It strives not to impress, but to inspire.

Here’s a good example of ambient music… The Outer Banks by The Album Leaf.

Some other good ambient artists apart from The Album Leaf are Tycho, Static, Explosions In The Sky, and Sigur Rós (although I wouldn’t consider all their music to be ambient). I would highly recommend giving them a listen.

Rach on!

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So I figured out how to hook the amp up to the computer by a very unconventional means… Amp output > 1/4″ to 3.55mm adapter > 3.55mm aux cord > mic jack on computer. I’m sure there are better ways to do it, but for this I didn’t have to pay anything because I already have all the needed components.

Anyway, I got it all hooked up to the computer and spent my morning playing around with it and my guitar in the amazing opensource audio editor, Audacity. Finally I came out with something kind of fairly decent-ish, and so I’m posting it here.

Note: If you’ve ever heard The Friend I Never Met by Andy Mckee, then yes, a couple elements of my experiment were inspired by that. The actual tune I came up with is the product of about 20 seconds of improv and the thought, “Okay, yeah. That fits.” It wasn’t something I worked long and hard to come up with and frankly, if you stole it and somehow made money off of it (which would surprise me since it isn’t that great, although, neither is most mainstream music that came out in the past 10 years), I wouldn’t really care. In fact, if you can take that melody and make it into chart-topper, hats off to you!

Alright, well enough riffraff. I’ll let you listen to it.

Oh and sorry about the low quality especially in the first part… I was trying to get rid of some of the noise and succeeded in distorting it a little bit. And it’s not mixed or equalized very well… Oh well, I’ll figure it out eventually :).

Rach on!

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Nice suit! That's a Russian with style!

Now I apologize for having two posts in a row that are completely in Russian. I personally think that’s really cool, but not everyone is a lover of all things that are musical and Russian.

Today is Rachmaninov’s 138th birthday!!! Happy birthday to the greatest composer who ever lived!

Rach on!

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I feel it’s about time I tell you about one of my greatest passions… Russian choral music; one of the greatest creations of mankind. All of my close friends (and many of my not-so-close friends) know of my obsession with Russian music in general, and more specifically, choral music. Those Russians may not be good at politics, but they sure can sing!

So what’s so extraordinary about these Russian singers? Well, it’s not all Russian singers in general, but their basses… oh my wow.

There’s a rare-ish phenomenon called the Basso Profondo (Italian: “profound bass”, if you couldn’t figure it out). This is when a bass singer can sing about an octave lower than a normal bass. For some reason this phenomenon is much more common in…..

Drum roll, please!

You guessed it… Russia!

"I can sing lower than the average, normal, mediocre human being, my facial hair is the definition of 'beard', and my name is Vladimir Pasuikov. How cool is THAT??!"


Now what’s so special about this? Because of their abundance in incredibly-low-singing basses, the Russians have been able to create some of the most aurally pleasing music in history.

At this point, you must be thinking, “Just how great can this music be?”

I’ll let you judge for yourself.

We Hymn Thee – Sergei Rachmaninov

Nyne Otpushchaeshi – Sergei Rachmaninov

Sovet Prichney – Pavel Chesnokov

And one more for the road!

Anytime – J.D.Sumner

Рок на!

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Eyre.. Air? Ire? Eeree?? XQYZG?!??

A cast party yesterday officially ended the week of CLCHM’s production of Jane Eyre. I am quite sad about that. It was an incredible experience acting along side some super talented people who happen to be some of my bestest of friends.

The show went better than I could have hoped or imagined. So much progress was made in the last week to pull through a show that ended up being a complete success! It was a great show through and through, thanks to the directors, actors, tech crews, the constant witty banter of J-Dawg and Big-T, set builders, set painters, costume people, and especially the people who provided the food backstage… It was quite yummy!

Okay, so maybe the food wasn’t that important to the show, but it most certainly helped in keeping the energy up.

All in all, this past week is one I know I won’t forget.

Rach on!

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